Code Insertion

Easy Bi-Directional Code Insertion

CodeGenie makes it simple to send code from the CodeGenie panel to the Editor and back. This makes it amazingly fast to ask questions about your code, or to immediately apply CodeGenie’s suggestions.

Editor to CodeGenie

You can easily copy highlighted text from the Editor to CodeGenie by clicking on the blue ‘Copy Selection from Editor’ button that is beside the CodeGenie input text area. When snippets are copied from the Editor to CodeGenie, they are included as Markdown code snippets and remain fully editable. Feel free to adjust the code or your message to CodeGenie as you like.

CodeGenie to Editor

When CodeGenie offers suggestions or improvements, it includes code as syntax-highlighted code snippets. Below each suggestion, there is a button with an arrow - the ‘Copy Code to Editor’ button. Click that, and CodeGenie will insert the suggested code into the active editor at the cursor position.