Security & Privacy

Security and Privacy are incredibly important. There are a ton of ChatGPT-related extensions in the VSCode marketplace, and it’s definitely worth giving them a look. Be sure, however, to take their security and treatment of your API key into consideration.

CodeGenie Security/Privacy Pledge

CodeGenie promises:

  1. We will respect your API key and store it securely. Other extensions make use VSCode’s extension settings to store the API key. This is not a secure place to store secrets because it is not encrypted and third-party extensions can gain access to your key. CodeGenie uses VSCode’s Secret Storage to keep your API key secure.
  2. We will never send your API key to any other server or system than OpenAI itself. Your API key is given to CodeGenie only in order to enable CodeGenie to make requests of OpenAI; there is no reason to send it anywhere else.
  3. We will not store or send your chat history, requests or responses anywhere. We store chat history on disk; there is no need to persist to a server.

It is possible that we may add features that require the use of a server: for example, synchronizing chat histories from one machine to another. To that end, we also pledge:

  1. If ever CodeGenie introduces a feature that requires a server, we will make that feature fully opt-in.

Security or Privacy Issues?

If you do find a bug or are concerned about a security or privacy related issue, please feel free to reach out: